Fire Door Intumescent Strip



Quick Overview

Price per meter (100cm x 2cm x 0.4cm)



Fire Door Intumescent strips play an important role in helping reduce the risk of fire and smoke spreading. These are fitted to a rebated fire door frame. Pricing is per metre.

Intumescent strips work by expanding when exposed to heat making a seal between the frame and door for a minimum of 30 minutes. We offer three different types;

Fire Only Intumescent Strip: These work by expanding to heat

Bladed Dual Seal Intumescent Strip: As this type have a dual blade they help stop smoke going from one room to another when the fire has not yet activated the intumescent strip. These are great for areas that need to be kept clean as the srip can be easily wiped clean

Fire and Smoke Intumescent Strip: This is the more traditional fire and smoke seal and just with the Bladed Dual seal this set helps stop smoke coming through the doorway when the intumescent strip hasn’t expended yet.


Dimensions N/A

Brown, White

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