Amsterdam Grey Fire Door


Amsterdam Grey Fire Door - 1981mm x 838mm x 44mm (33"): In Stock
Amsterdam Grey Fire Door - 1981mm x 762mm x 44mm (30"): In Stock
Amsterdam Grey Fire Door - 1981mm x 686mm x 44mm (27"): In Stock


An FD30 approved fire door in the increasingly popular Amsterdam style with 3 vertical panels cut into a piece of solid core engineered timber. These doors are primed smooth grey. They could even lend an element of modernity to a more traditional décor, with the chamfers on the panels lending a subtly classic look to an otherwise very minimalist door.

We would recommend using a joiner with expertise in fire doors, as if they are not hung correctly, the fire safety features, which halt fire and smoke for a minimum of 30 minutes, could be compromised. There is also a 3mm allowance included on these doors for trimming, so you should be able to achieve a decent fit without compromising the fire door itself.


Choose a Size

1981mm x 686mm x 44mm (27″), 1981mm x 762mm x 44mm (30″), 1981mm x 838mm x 44mm (33″)


Primed Grey


Solid Panel



Fire Resistance

Fireproof FD30

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