Softwood External Folding Sliding Doors

If you’re on this page, then it’s likely that you’re looking to invest in a set of external folding sliding doors.

Folding sliding doors are the perfect way to bridge the gap between your home and garden. They allow light to flood in to your room, and open out to create a living space which flows out effortlessly from inside to out. On this page, you’ll find a selection of our softwood external folding sliding doors.

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The term ‘softwood’ is one which describes a whole category of timber. Softwoods grow much faster than their hardwood equivalents. As such, softwood doors are a more sustainable, and wallet-friendly, option for homeowners.

Though the name might suggest a material that’s malleable, softwoods are actually incredibly hardy. Give them a suitable coat of finish and they’ll be able to stand up to whatever punishment the elements might inflict on them.

Pine is perhaps the most common softwood. It’s often used where an affordable alternative to oak is required. It’s got a gorgeous grain, which can be made even more gorgeous with the help of a coat of wood stain. It’s also an excellent insulator of sound, which makes it attractive to those living near noisy areas like busy roads and schoolyards.

Redwood is another popular variety of softwood. Redwood trees are known for growing quickly, and to stratospheric heights. Timbers which come from redwood tend to hold their shape very well, because the fibres aren’t very permeable. Being unable to soak up moisture, they don’t warp in response to changes in temperature and humidity anywhere near as much as their cousins. This attribute makes redwoods highly suitable for external doors.

If you’re looking for a durable, attractive, and affordable alternative to oak , then softwood fits the bill perfectly. In recent years, aluminium folding sliding patio doors have also increased in popularity. The strength of the frame allows the doors to span ever wider openings than before with thinner frames than ever before, too! View our full range of aluminium folding sliding doors online today! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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