Doors & More Pre-Finished Oak Folding Doors




If you are looking for a quality folding sliding doorset that doesn’t break the bank then these could be what you are looking for. The quality and strength of these doors comes from the Oak veneered 54mm thick leaves which give a solid feel which competes with the more expensive options.

Each Set has a Secured By Design approved stainless steel running gear with multipoint locking and drop bolts in the interior ensure you get a system to set your mind at peace.

The set is fully finished with a lightly tinted lacquer and with a U Value of 1.3W/m²k , you get a stunning set of doors and great thermal performance.


Choose a Size

1790mm x 2090mm 3L or 3R, 2090mm x 2090mm 3L or 3R, 2390mm x 2090mm 3L or 3R, 2690mm x 2090mm 3L or 3R, 2990mm x 2090mm 3L1R or 1L3R, 3590mm x 2090mm 5L or 5R, 4190mm x 2090mm 3L + 3R, 4190mm x 2090mm 5L1R or 1L5R, 4790mm x 2090mm 3L + 3R, 4790mm x 2090mm 5L1R or 1L5R


Engineered Oak


Double Glazed


Fully Finished

Fire Resistance


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