White Primed Internal French Doors

Our range of white primed internal French doors are light, attractive, and flexible enough to look great in almost any home. Finished professionally in-house, they can be hung as-is for a minimalist aesthetic. Alternatively, for those looking for a more unique finish they are also ready to be stained, painted, or decorated as you like. This is one of the main reasons that many homeowners choose these over internal oak french doors 0r composite doors, as they can be painted to compliment, or contrast, your home decor.

The genius of any white primed door is that once it arrives and has been installed, you’ll be ready to decorate it right off the bat without any priming required yourself. There is also pricing and variety to consider. Many white primed doors will have solid cores, which will mean they are not only wonderful for insulation (keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer), but for keeping out unwanted noise.

You also have a few glazing options to choose from. For further security, you can install toughened safety glass in your internal French doors, which we highly recommend if you have small children in the house, or anyone who is particularly heavy-handed when it comes to closing doors. If you value your privacy there’s always the option of frosted glass, which generally looks wonderful when matched with white primer.

When it comes to door size you’ll generally also find white primed internal French doors more flexible as the engineered nature of the material allows for more leeway when it comes to sizing.

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