White Moulded Internal French Doors

Moulded doors deliver all the benefits of traditional wooden doors, without the sometimes-hefty price tag. Moulded doors are designed to mimic the appearance of traditional panel doors, even including the wood grain in some instances, but rather than being made of multiple pieces of wood they are made from a single piece of composite material with designs pressed in to the face. Shop moulded internal french doors below.

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The moulded French doors that we stock are of an engineered construction which ensures enhanced strength and stability. The nature of engineered doors also means that they are easier to trim than solid lipped doors, allowing you more freedom for a perfect fit. The profile offered by white moulded internal french doors is elegant and subtle, and you can also rest assured that the material will have been produced using responsible forestry practices, which can’t always be offered with solid oak.

The engineered material has been produced for the sole reason of providing security and comfort, but the build of the material also means that it’s easy to paint over should you desire to. If you are looking to add even more light to your room, then our moulded French doors can be left as they are, with no additional staining or painting.

If you’re looking for a slightly more traditional finish, you might be interested in our oak internal French door range which offers both value for money and a great range of styles to choose from. Browse our entire internal French doors collection online today.

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