Composite Internal French Doors

As the name suggests, a composite door is a door built from a composite of materials. Think of it as a ‘best of’ collection that takes the best aspects of every available material and blends it into one rugged design. Composite material irons out the flaws you’ll find in conventional materials, with each of the materials used in the final composite selected for its beneficial properties. These materials will have been selected to complement each other and should last a lot longer than traditional wooden doors.

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You might be asking what materials make up an average composite door? The answer will depend on the manufacturer, of course, but common materials used include PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). The materials used and the quantities in which they are used will affect not only the cost of the doors, but how effective they are at blocking noise, insulation and more

The insulating foam used in many composite doors means they are perfect for keeping noisy families at bay, and they are not only generally stronger and more thermally resistant than conventional wooden doors, but generally look neater and cleaner. This can also be a negative, of course, as some homeowners might feel they have a rather sterile look, but with french doors especially, the style achieved by composite materials is actually very complimentary.

Composite doors can also be styled in a variety of ways that would simply be impossible with traditional wood, though it is also possible to make a composite door appear as a wooden door with realistic wooden grains. The difference, however, is that those grains won’t fade or discolour over time and maintenance is also a lot easier. In short, you’re getting the best of both worlds.

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