Unfinished Oak Internal Folding Sliding Doors

When purchasing internal doors, cost is often one of the most important factors. A solid oak door will generally be more expensive and will need to be treated and maintained constantly, so costs for varnishes or oils should always be considered before buying. Solid oak can also warp or crack over time due to atmospheric conditions being too damp or dry or changes in temperature.

Another difference is the weight difference, as solid oak is generally rather heavy, whereas engineered oak doors are comparatively light. Engineered oak is also generally more reliable when it comes to noise protection and insulation. Solid oak almost always looks better and has a very specific feel to it that really can’t be matched. So really, it all; depends just how much you value your doors from an aesthetic perspective.

Of course, here we’re discussing unfinished oak internal sliding doors, and when it comes to sliding and/or folding doors, oak is always a popular option because it’s so sturdy and goes with just about anything. Having these doors shipped to you unfinished gives you more options when it comes to personalising your doors. By choosing unfinished doors, you can choose how to finish your doors, be that with wood waxes or varnishes, oils, stains, or paint; each offering a different overall look and feel that you can doctor to suit your own personal tastes and needs.

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