Hemlock Internal Doors

On this page, you will find our collection of hemlock internal doors. Hemlock ages particularly well and can be sanded to a silky-smooth finish which is why it’s such a popular choice with budget-conscious homeowners who are looking for a professional solid wood finish. Shop for hemlock internal doors below.

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Hemlock is the perfect low cost soft wood that toughens with age, making it a great alternative to more expensive hardwoods such as oak. Light brown in colour and somewhat lightweight, hemlock originated in the eastern states of America and Canada, really coming into its own as a building material with the development of timber framed housing and log cabins, due to its strength and density. Since then, it has become a firm favourite with tradesman and DIY enthusiasts alike where a more price driven project is to be undertaken.

Hemlock wood can be worked easily with power tools, making it the perfect material for panelled and bevelled doors. The wood will grip screws without issue and with its naturally straight grain, it can be sanded to a more silky-smooth finish compared to the likes of pine, making hemlock particularly good for painted finishes.

Strong and wear resistant, hemlock is a versatile wood that performs well as a reliable and sustainable wood for windows, doors and other building applications such as staircasing and flooring. It’s also an increasingly popular alternative to pine when it comes to furniture making due to the lack of resin and attractive grain.

Often supplied unfinished, hemlock doors will stain easily and responds well to primer coats and finishing products such as wax and oil if you’d prefer a more natural look.

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