White Primed External Folding Sliding Doors

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When a door is on the outside of your property, it’ll need to cope with the elements. This means sunshine and rainwater, both of which can contribute to the warping effect of the timber. Moisture gets into the grain and expands as it heats. This can cause rotting, as well as a warping effect which will gradually change the shape of the door over time.

This effect should be counteracted by a layer of finish. This finish can either be semi-transparent, bringing out the natural qualities of the wood, or it can be a solid paint. The latter approach will allow you to colour your door in almost any way you like.

In order for a coat of coloured paint to really stand out, it’ll need to be layered atop a base layer of special white paint known as primer. This is nearly always white. As such it’s worth saving yourself the trouble of applying the primer yourself and order a door ready-primed. In doing so, you’re sure to save yourself a huge amount of time and effort – and you’ll be able to spend more time worrying about what colour you’re going to paint the door!

Folding doors are an excellent means of opening out your patio. They consist of panels which attach to one another in a concertina. Each is tethered to a rail, so that the entire arrangement can be slid out of the way easily. As such, they’re a great way of bridging the gap between your interior and exterior.

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