Doors & More White Primed Folding Doors



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These White Primed external bi-folding doors ensures you don’t have to settle for just white or A natural wood finish. These are primed white allowing you to finish what ever colour you wish, to either match your existing joinery or to make a statement.

With each door  being 54mm thick and toughened double glazing you get a solid feel and superior strength over smaller profile systems with an impressive 1.3W/m²k U-Value, saving you money on your energy bills.

Each Set has stainless steel running gear with multipoint locking and drop bolts in the interior.

This system ensures you don’t have to compromise on getting a fantastic set of bi-fold doors with the finish you want.


Choose a Size

1790mm x 2090mm 3L or 3R, 2090mm x 2090mm 3L or 3R, 2390mm x 2090mm 3L or 3R, 2690mm x 2090mm 3L or 3R, 2990mm x 2090mm 3L1R or 1L3R, 3590mm x 2090mm 5L or 5R, 4190mm x 2090mm 3L + 3R, 4190mm x 2090mm 5L1R or 1L5R




Double Glazed


White Primed

Fire Resistance


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