Pine External Doors

Pine is an easily recognisable wood due to its delicate yellow hue and distinctive knots and growth rings. Despite its pale colour, pine is actually a variety of redwood that is found predominantly in Scandinavia. The pine trees found in the UK are mostly referred to as Scots pine, to distinguish them from those found throughout Europe.

Pine is a popular material for both building and construction as well as furniture and is often used in the manufacturing of composite wood materials. It boasts a considerably cheaper price tag than oak and, as we mentioned earlier, possesses strength and elasticity that make it easy to work with, and sturdier than many of us expect. In fact, a solid pine door tends to offer better insulation performance than an engineered one, which makes it perfect for controlling noise pollution. It’s also lightweight, and easily worked with machines, making it suitable for carving extra-fine detail in to, and great for DIY projects!

Pine is also very quick to grow, making it easy to harvest while still maintaining a healthy population of trees. If you’re looking for a solution for your home that’s environmentally-conscious, a pine door might be just the thing you’re looking for.

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